The high-tech zone solved 92 enterprise demands

来源:   时间: 2023-08-14 13:29
  The high-tech zone further carried out the work of "nine solutions and one coordination" to serve enterprises, and took multiple measures to solve problems for enterprises。Up to now, 178 "enterprise confidants" have collected 145 appeals of various types, and 92 have been solved。
  Aiming at the problems existing in the reporting and handling of enterprise demands before,The high-tech zone encourages "enterprise confidants" to continue to increase the collection of enterprise demands,Identify business problems,At the same time through field research and other ways,Promote all departments to dig deep into the problems of enterprises according to the actual work,Improve "intimate" ability,Research and judge appeals accurately,Push the problem。
  Jilin Scenery Auto Sales Co., Ltd. is doubtful about an unimplemented bonus fund for storage。"Enterprise confidant" Liu Zhao repeatedly communicated with his superiors, asked the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other departments about relevant matters, and finally solved the policy award question of confused enterprises for many years with a number of departments。"Enterprise intimate" Sun Wei helped the city Hengyang Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. solve the problem of debt settlement with four units in the outer area, and studied and formulated different solutions and countermeasures for the actual situation of each arrears unit.。Companies know people "Zhai Xiaohui Bao Bao company is a construction company, this company wants more information about local construction projects。Zhai Xiaohui multi-contact to help enterprises obtain relevant information。
  The high-tech zone will continue to deepen the work of the "nine solutions and one coordination" service enterprises, guide the "enterprise bosom people" to take responsibility and act, sincerely help enterprises to serve, and jointly create a strong atmosphere to help enterprises solve problems and support the strong development of enterprises。

  Source: Jiangcheng Daily reporter Xu Junfeng