Zhang Shouhua to the north district of high-tech supervision and inspection of flood control work

来源:   时间: 2023-08-08 15:07
  On August 8, Zhang Shouhua, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jilin High-tech Zone, led a team to supervise and inspect the flood control work in Gaoxin North District。
  Zhang Shouhua and his party successively came to the low-lying areas of Sandaolingzi Village, Tangba of Zhangjiu Village, ash storage field of Jilin Songhuajiang Thermal Power Co., LTD., and other key flood control parts, on-site inspection and in-depth exchanges with relevant staff and village Party organization leaders。
  When holding the flood control work deployment meeting, Zhang Shouhua affirmed the flood control work of high-tech North District。At the same time, he asked the two-level flood control headquarters and the new North Street to combine the recent actual situation in all aspects, focus on flood control and personnel transfer, and further improve the flood control work plan and emergency response plan。At the same time, it put forward clear opinions and requirements on rain and flood warning, personnel relocation and other related work measures。
  Wang Li, deputy director of the Management Committee of High-tech Zone, Zhang Yuguang, deputy director of the Development Bureau of urban-rural integration of High-tech Zone and secretary of the Party Working Committee of New North Street, accompanied the inspection。High-tech Zone Management Committee office, emergency Management Bureau, Agriculture, Rural Forestry and Water Resources Bureau, Network information Office, New North Street responsible persons participated in the above activities。